Get Ready for Harry Potter’s Birthday With These New LEGO Sets at Barnes & Noble

Get Ready for Harry Potter’s Birthday With These New LEGO Sets at Barnes & Noble

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It is the first day of July and you know what that means, right? Harry Potter’s birthday is this month! As of July 1, you can shop four new Harry Potter LEGO sets, as part of the Magic Returns collection at Barnes & Noble. The collection was, “inspired by the scenes from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, LEGO casts a brick-building spell for collectors & fans!”

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Harry Potter fans can choose from four different LEGO sets in this new collection from Barnes & Noble. Each set includes iconic locations from different parts of the Wizarding World that Harry and his friends experienced during their third and fourth year at Hogwarts. You can collect them all, including Hogwarts Clock Tower, Hagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue, The Knight Bus, and Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge.

The Hogwarts Clock Tower is $90 and includes Yule Ball mini figures for Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fleur Delacour, Cedric Diggory, Viktor Krum, Albus Dumbledore, and Madame Maxime. The clock comes with a changing mechanism, so users can create their own Time Turner adventures. The set also includes the Entrance Hall, the Goblet of Fire, the Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom, the Hospital Wing, Dumbledore’s Office, and the Prefect’s Bathroom.

The Knight Bus set is $40 at Barnes & Noble and includes some of the more memorable pieces from the real deal. It is three levels and opens up so users can get inside to play with the sliding bed, swinging chandelier, and the Shrunken Head.

Hagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue is $60 at Barnes & Noble and it includes mini figures for Harry, Hermione, Hagrid, Ron, the Executioner, the Minister of Magic, and Buckbeack. The Hippogriff’s wings and head both move. The Hagrid’s Hut set comes with the Keeper of Key’s home, as well as his pumpkin patch.

The final LEGO set is for the Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge, which includes the four Triwizard champions and their wands, as well as the infamous Hungarian Horntail dragon. It is the cheapest LEGO set of the bunch, at only $30.

All four of the new Magic Returns LEGO sets are now available for purchase, online and at select Barnes & Noble locations.

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