The Team Behind The ‘Krypton’ Series Are Developing A ‘Lobo’ Spin-off!

The Team Behind The ‘Krypton’ Series Are Developing A ‘Lobo’ Spin-off!

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The Team Behind The ‘Krypton’ Series Are Developing A ‘LOBO’ Spin-off!

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It seems actor Emmett J Scanlan’s portrayal of Lobo has made an impact on the producers of Krypton, as news drops that they are developing a spin-off focused on the maniac anti-hero.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lobo, he was first created in the early 80s by Roger Slifer & Keith Giffen as an all-out villain. However, it was the 90’s revival version which set him up as an anti-hero that really connected with fans. Lobo is a Czarnian, with superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. Despite coming across as a violence-loving biker thug… which he arguably is… he has a genius-level intellect. He can also regenerate himself from a single drop of his blood, making him virtually unkillable. He has a strict personal code of honour, which means he will never violate the letter of an agreement… Although, whilst technically not violating it, he may end up doing something which is way outside of the “spirit” of the agreement – i.e. Promising not to kill someone, but would be fine ripping their arms off and leaving them in a coma.

The spin-off show is being developed by US broadcaster Syfy, who air ‘Krypton’ in the US, along with Warner Horizon Scripted Television. ‘Krypton’ executive producer Cameron Welsh will serve as executive producer/writer.

The series would see Irish actor Emmett J Scanlan reprise his role from Season 2 of ‘Krypton’, which has just begun airing in the US, and is due to arrive in the UK on E4 later this year. Scanlan’s previous work includes ‘Hollyoaks’ where he played Brendan Brady, ‘The Fall’ where he starred as Glen Martin, and Netflix drama ‘Safe’ which saw him star opposite Michael C. Hall. He is also due to appear in upcoming Sky Atlantic/Cinemax drama ‘Gangs of London’ from ‘The Raid’ writer/director Gareth Evans.


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