Our top three picks from The SCI-FI-LONDON FILM FESTIVAL

Our top three picks from The SCI-FI-LONDON FILM FESTIVAL

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The 19th annual Sci-Fi London film festival is about to start and is looking like its going to be a great year. Here are the three films we are most excited about . You can catch the action from the 15th to the 22nd May at The Prince Charles Cinema and The Stratford Picturehouse.

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Near future, Los Angeles is a bleak place: permanent recession, water shortages, and rising crime. Six years ago, Jack abandoned his wife and vanished. Now he’s back because before he left, they’d applied for a visa to immigrate to a better life on an off-world colony. The permit has finally come through, but there’s a catch: it’s a couple’s visa, and Jack cannot leave Earth without his wife. Is Jack back because he wants to make things right or because he needs his wife so he can use this “lottery ticket” to a better life?

May 20th 8.45pm Stratford Picturehouse /Director Q&A


Two years after the nuclear bombs dropped and welcome to the future, where there’s no fuel or power, and society is a barbaric mess. Survivors Kate, husband Sam, and daughter Suzi are searching for a rumoured bunker that people say is full of food and medicine.  On route, they meet the solitary Joe, who may not have the group’s best interests at heart. Kate will have to do everything possible to protect her family.

May 16th 9pm The Prince Charles Cinema UK Premiere w/ Cast & Crew Q&A


It is unclear if the young man (Garrett Wareing) has committed the horrible crime, but his mother (Abbie Cornish) sends him to a luxurious retreat full of beautiful hedonistic people for therapy. He

will receive an experimental treatment to cure his ills and discover his true self. His mother has been there, but does she want to help him become ‘perfect’?

Frenetic editing, soul shocking set-pieces and some eye-popping animation by Kidmograph, PERFECT alternates between calm and chaos, and picks at themes of AI, genetic engineering and esotericism.

 May 15th 9pm The Prince Charles Cinema UK premiere

Check out the full schedule and tickets from at https://sci-fi-london.com/https://www.starburstmagazine.com/top-three-picks-sci-fi-london-film-festival

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