Star Trek Online Brings Jason Isaacs Back As Captain Lorca In ‘Rise Of Discovery’

Star Trek Online Brings Jason Isaacs Back As Captain Lorca In ‘Rise Of Discovery’

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Lorca and Landry on the USS Buran

After the first season of Star Trek: Discovery drew to an exciting close, many fans were left with unanswered questions about Gabriel Lorca. Star Trek Online players can now uncover the truth behind the Federation captain’s past through the eyes of his trusted commanding officer, Ellen Landry. Rise of Discovery takes place when both Lorca and Landry were assigned to the U.S.S. Buran, before they beamed aboard the U.S.S. Discovery. Players answer a distress call from the Federation starship after it sustains heavy damage from Klingon forces led by J’Ula, the matriarch of House Mo’Kai. The attack leaves its sole survivor, Captain Lorca, stranded on a desolate ice moon littered with Klingon search parties. His fate now lies in the hand of Star Trek Online players, who must team up with Commander Landry to ensure his survival.

USS Buran in STO: Rise of Discovery

Bridge of the USS Buran in STO: Rise of Discovery

Rise of Discovery features two new episodes, voiced by Star Trek: Discovery’s very own Jason Isaacs and Rekha Sharma. The update also introduces a new Tier 6 reputation—Discovery Legends—which allows players to earn Discovery-themed rewards by completing Task Force Operations. Starting May 14, all of Star Trek Online’s Tier 6 starships will be converted to player level-less scaling, allowing Captains with varying experience to command these powerful vessels at any time.

Commander Landry in STO: Rise of Discovery

Priors World in STO: Rise of Discovery

Additional details on these game features will be revealed at launch. Find out more at


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