The Best Mega Man 4 Boss Order

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Some forward planning helps make this retro entry in the series a little easier, so here is a guide to the best Mega Man 4 boss order. Mega Man is a classic side-scrolling action series from Capcom, the developers behind other legendary franchises like Resident Evil and Street Fighter. The character is known as Rockman in Japan, with the series later being rebranded Mega Man in the West. Mega Man himself is a robot created by a kindly doctor who must do battle with a mad scientist and his Robot Masters. Mega Man is also able to copy the weapon of any defeated Master to upgrade his own arm cannon.

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The Mega Man games typically allow players to choose which stages they want to tackle first, with the order sometimes determining how easy – or tough – a playthrough will be. The Mega Man franchise is famous for its huge number of sequels and spinoffs and maintains a solid fanbase to this day. The most recent entry, Mega Man 11, came nearly a decade after the last numbered installment and was well received by players who endured the long wait for a new installment. Thankfully, Mega Man 11 was able to keep the retro charm of the series while adding new additions of its own.

Mega Man 4 is another classic entry in the series, though some feel it marked something of a downward turn. Like the previous three games, players can choose which stages and bosses they want to conquer first. For those seeking a slightly more pleasant playthrough here is the best Mega Man 4 boss order.

mega man 4 bosses

Mega Man 4 requires the title character to defeat eight Robot Masters, who each have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The first one to tackle should be Toad Man with the Mega Buster, with Mega Man then acquiring his Rain Flush weapon. The tactics get very logical from this point on, with the Rain Flush then used to battle Bright Man, with players then taking his Flash Stopper to fight Pharoah Man.

Pharoah Man’s Pharaoh Shot should be used to fight Ring Man and once he’s defeated his Ring Boomerang should be unleashed on Dust Man. Skull Man’s weakness is the Dust Crusher, Dive Man is annihilated using the Skull Barrier and finally, Drill Man is best defeated with the Dive Missiles. While this order isn’t the only route to victory in Mega Man 4 – and the franchise itself rewards a little experimentation when it comes to combat – it best exploits the various weaknesses of the individual Robot Masters.

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