Brie Larson Got So In Shape For Captain Marvel She Forced Jude Law To Up His Game

Brie Larson Got So In Shape For Captain Marvel She Forced Jude Law To Up His Game

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1 hour ago

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It’s not a secret that if an actor or actress signs on to play a superhero that actor or actress also signs on to get ripped. For Captain Marvel, Brie Larson trained for nine months before she ultimately began sparring with Jude Law on the set of the Marvel flick. Apparently, it got to the point where Jude Law mentioned to director Anna Boden that he had to up his “game.” According to co-director Boden:

It all plays off in the early moments of Captain Marvel where Brie Larson’s character Vers spars with Yon-Rogg, her mentor, played by Jude Law in the film. Per Anna Boden, the two were on set when the older actor confided in the director, per USA Today, that he definitely needed to get moving for his three action scenes with.

It’s not as if Jude Law didn’t prepare for the gig as Yon-Rogg. He’s been open about doing boxing and martial arts for a long time, but he hadn’t really worked out in the Kree gear Captain Marvel demanded, previously revealing they “hide quite a bit of movement.”

Still, Jude Law’s training for Captain Marvel seems to be small potatoes compared to the nine months that Brie Larson went through. She recently told Harper’s Bazaar she got good enough that the movie shot the intense action sequence on the train during her first few days on set. She noted:

Whether or not Jude Law felt as if he needed to keep up with Brie Larson, the end result of the training scene is pretty impressive and you can catch it in more detail below.

Marvel’s first female-led superhero movie is still currently doing big numbers in theaters. If you haven’t given it a watch yet, you can check it our, or see what else Marvel has coming up with our full guide. Next up, you can catch Brie Larson in the Netflix flick Unicorn Store, also opposite her co-star Samuel L. Jackson. Jude Law can be seen in The New Pope.

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