Watch: New Video Goes Inside Section 31 On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Watch: New Video Goes Inside Section 31 On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

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A closer look at Section 31’s stuff

The new video offered a closer glimpse at some of Section 31’s production design, wardrobe and props.

Concept art for Section 31 ship, showing it in regular and “dark mode”

Workers laying in cabling for the 100 screens and 600,000 LED lights on the Section 31 ship set

Prop master Mario Moreira explains that Section 31’s props come “from a darker realm” and use technology that is 20 years more advanced than standard Starfleet tech.

Section 31 props

More Section 31 props

Moreira also noted how the Section 31 phaser (which was first seen in last night’s episode) was machined out of aluminum, and has a feature for when it is set from stun to kill the barrel extends out “because it looks cool.”

The fancy Section 31 phasers are shown in this season 2 publicity photo with Michelle Yeoh

Costume designer Gersha Phillips discussed how leather is the base of Section 31 costumes, with Michelle Yeoh noting how much she loves the black looks and “dominatrix” corset for her costume.

Georgiou’s Section 31 costume

A different take on Section 31

Here is how showrunner Alex Kurtzman describes Section 31 in the new video:

Section 31 is an organization that is dedicated to protecting the universe by any means necessary…unlike Starfleet – who has very clear rules and regulations – Section 31 operates in the grey areas. They bend the rules and try not to break them, but ultimately given the threats that are coming in season two, the challenge for Section 31 is to figure out how to protect our freedoms without violating them.

In the video, executive producer Olatunde Osunsanmi adds:

Section 31 is a super-secret organization very similar to the CIA. And they are participating with the Discovery, with Captain Pike and Burnham in the hunt for the Red Angel.

That Section 31 is a known entity in the Discovery era with their own badges and ships and being part of the Starfleet chain of command is something different than seen before, notably in the 24th century when they were shown to be a more covert and rogue operation. This is something that Kurtzman has previously addressed at the TCA event in January, saying:

If you know Section 31, you know that by the time Deep Space Nine comes around they’ve gone underground and they are this mysterious organization—but there’s nothing official about it. In the promos [for season 2] that you’ve seen so far, Section 31 has a badge. There’s a ship and all these different things, so the question is: how do they get from here to there? What happened in that window of time between those two pivot points in Section 31’s evolution?

This question about the nature of Section 31 is something we could see explored during the second season and perhaps the decisions they make, which Kurtzman alludes to in the new video, may have an impact regarding their status. It is expected that Section 31 will continue to be part of the show into the third season as Michelle Yeoh – who plays a Section 31 operative – has been confirmed to be returning for another season of Discovery. Yeoh has also signed on to lead a new Section 31 series currently in development, which – if given a series order – is expected to debut after the third season of Discovery.

Michelle Yeoh talking about Section 31, from new video

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

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