ToyFair ’19: Polar Lights Models & Mego Figures

ToyFair ’19: Polar Lights Models & Mego Figures

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This weekend brought the annual ToyFair trade show back to New York City, and our team hit up the Big Apple to see what’s on the way for this year in new Star Trek merchandise from some brand-new and familiar Trek licensees.

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First up is our visit with long-time model company Round2, who already has four new Star Trek kits on the way under their Polar Lights branding for 2019.

Just out is their new 1:3200-scale D’Deridex-class Romulan Warbird, a 12-3/4″ full-build kit of the Next Generation-era Romulan design.

Coming in February is a snap-together 1:2500 Galaxy-class Enterprise-D kit, a 10″ snap-together set to recreate the Federation flagship of the 2360’s.

Unlike their Oberth-class model from last year, however, there are no alternate labels to make your own USS Yamato or USS Odyssey if you were looking to put a twist on the build.

March brings a great-looking 1:1000 Star Trek: Enterprise kit, which will allow fans to snap together Jonathan Archer’s Enterprise NX-01 — and the 8-78″ set will also include alternative labels to become Erika Hernandez’s Columbia NX-02, along with the Terran Empire’s Enterprise and NX-09 Avenger.

There will also be additional model parts included to build Doug Drexler’s NX Refit Enterprise, for those who want the next iteration of Archer’s ship in their collection.

Finally, Polar Lights enters the Star Trek: Discovery game this April, with a 1:2500 Crossfield-class USS Discovery snap-together kit, complete with intricate labels to recreate the high-tech design of the ship’s hull patterns.

While these models are all headed your way this year, we’ll have a look at a full-build of last fall’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture-era Klingon K’Tinga-class ship from our own John Kirk in the next few weeks, a massive 1:350-scale build with internal lighting.

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We also stopped to check in on Mego, who returned to the Trek merchandise market last summer with the relaunch of their classic Original Series dolls, now expanded to include 18 different classic Trek figures nationwide.

At ToyFair, we got a few minutes to chat with Mego founder Marty Abrams, who told us that the doll line will be expanded to The Next Generation and other pre-Discovery series during 2019, and he also showed us early prototypes of large-scale 14″ Original Series dolls set to land in stores sometime this year.

Mego founder Marty Abrams.

These four 14″ figures are still in the development stage, with the illustrative examples shown at ToyFair built using old Star Trek: The Motion Picture character heads, and preliminary packaging which inaccurately measures the dolls at only 8″ in its text.

We’ll bring you more details on the larger-sized Mego figures, as well as any additional releases outside of the Original Series lineup as things develop this year.

Stay tuned for more ToyFair 2019 coverage, as we check in with QMx, The Coop, our gaming friends at Looney Labs, a new licensee or two — and we’ll even bring you an update on what’s been happening over at McFarlane Toys.

In the meantime, let us know what you thinks of these new products in the comments below!

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