Exclusive: Stir your blood with Drakulon's princess in Dynamite's Vampirella Valentine's Special

Exclusive: Stir your blood with Drakulon's princess in Dynamite's Vampirella Valentine's Special

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Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us this week and what better character to make your heart beat faster than the beautiful bloodsucker from the planet Drakulon, Vampirella.

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Dynamite Entertainment is aiming to enhance your holiday on Feb. 13 with something a bit stronger than Cupid’s arrows with a New Orleans-themed horror treat aptly titled Vampirella’s Valentine’s Day Special, starring the ravishing raven-haired alien. SYFY WIRE is embracing the occasion with a peek inside this romantic one-shot.

Written by Leah Williams (Barbarella/Dejah Thoris) and paired with pencils from artist Maria Sanapo (DC Bombshells), the issue’s plot finds Vampi getting an anonymous call from the Big Easy to assist in capturing an unholy serial killer savagely munching on innocent children. What she discovers is far more sinister than she ever imagined, as snarling snake-women, spirits of mail-order brides, feral vampires, and wooly Cajun werewolves all manifest to add to the monstrous mission during this most affectionate time of year.

Valentine’s Day is a supernatural spook-a-palooza in New Orleans that competes with the hallowed antics of Halloween as ghosts and ghouls appear to feast on the souls and skin of amorous tourists looking to enhance their vacations, making this new offering from Dynamite a perfect way to celebrate with loved ones.

What’s in store for readers in this bloody-good Vampi holiday special?

SYFY WIRE spoke with Williams’ on her Deep South inspirations for this eerie Valentine’s issue and learned why she feels Vampirella the ideal ambassador for Valentine’s Day.

“It’s an unconventional love story!,” she reveals. “I wanted to deliver a story that has the feel of an epic romance within 20 pages without actually using romance as a narrative device. Plus I love New Orleans, and using this city as a backdrop made it all the more interesting for a few reasons. Love is a really strong driving force for Vampi, but not in the traditional sense—she cares about this world very deeply, and in ways that constantly motivate her to fight for it.”

“I approached my editor Matt Idelson with ‘New Orleans’ as a pitch for this story while already thinking of all the existing, rich, supernatural history and folklore, because I had such a hard time deciding which direction to go in that I convinced Matt all of it is worth exploring here,” she adds. “There’s still so much more legendary New Orleans spooky stuff that we just couldn’t include because of the page limit, but it’s a fascinating city with a complicated history.”

Unwrap our exclusive five-page preview in the gallery below, then tell us if you’ll arrange a date with Vampi for Valentine’s when her heartfelt one-shot arrives Feb. 13. 


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