Lucifer season 4 episodes, plot, images, cast and more about the cheeky devil’s Netflix resurrection

Lucifer season 4 episodes, plot, images, cast and more about the cheeky devil’s Netflix resurrection

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After Amazon stepped in to rescue The Expanse in the weeks following Syfy’s decision to ax the expensive, yet critically acclaimed, space drama, Amazon Studio head Jennifer Salke confirmed that the streamer was looking to pick up Lucifer from Fox, too.

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But in a shock move, ever-expanding streaming juggernaut Netflix sealed the deal to save the show and move forward with a fourth season. This was a surprising turn of events, as there hadn’t been as much talk of Netflix showing an interest, and Amazon had been the one making the show available to fans outside the US in a fair few territories, including the UK.

Lucifer season 4 images

TVLine has a first pic from season 4, and keeping Lucifer company here is Eve. Yes, that Eve. As in “Adam and.”

Played by Imposters alum Inbar Lavi, Eve will be throwing the already-confused Lucifer into a tailspin when the show returns.

“Lucifer is in a very vulnerable moment, emotionally — not that he would ever recognise that — when out of nowhere, Eve turns up,” star Tom Ellis told the site, adding that her presence “brings back so much for Lucifer, about the man he used to be — or, the Devil he used to be. She’s never forgotten about him. And she loves him.”

Eve won’t be the only new face in season 4. It’s been revealed that Lucifer and Amenadiel’s sister, Remiel, will also be paying them a visit!

Lucifer season 4 release date

There’s no word yet on when Netflix UK plans to stream the fourth season of Lucifer, but production got underway last August, so it should be soon.

Lucifer season 4 episodes

A recent interview with co-showrunners Henderson and Ildy Modrovich at TV Line informed us that the fourth season would consist of only 10 parts.

“Netflix has commissioned 10 all-new episodes,” confirmed Henderson. “And yet, season 4 might possibly run longer, if one of the ‘bonus’ episodes gets folded in somewhere. The first thing we’ve got to figure out is where the one that wasn’t a complete standalone, the Ella-focused episode, might fit.”

A preview of the Lucifer season 4 premiere script, which reveals its ever-appropriate title, “Everything’s Okay” was also tweeted out:

“Everything’s Okay,” is an intriguing title that seems to tease a potentially crucial line uttered by someone when it comes the aforementioned cliffhanger scene, in which the truth – that Lucifer is really THE Lucifer – is finally revealed to Chloe, who has finally witnessed the infamous Devil Face.

As the visual evidence makes clear, the Lucifer season 4 premiere episode will be penned by returning Fox-era writer Joe Henderson and directed by Sherwin Shilati, who directed two previous episodes of the series, having also helmed an episode of The CW’s Riverdale, episodes of series and the 2017 dramedy film, People You May Know.

Lucifer season 4 plot

Warning: SPOILERS for the Lucifer season 3/series finale, ‘A Devil Of My Word’ lie ahead…!

See! Even Daphne is here…!

Lucifer concluded its television run with the episode, ‘A Devil Of My Word,’ by falling on its angel-wing-shield with a closing moment that would have been a bellwether season 3 cliffhanger if not for the fact that Fox cancelled the series. In what we presumed was a sure sign that the show’s final fate had been sealed, executive producers and co-showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich dished on their season 4 plans.

The finale saw the eponymous Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), arrive at a celestial epiphany about the season-spanning mystery of his (unwanted) re-growing angel wings and missing Devil Face, for which he blamed his omnipotently elusive father, God. The cause, as it turns out, was his own unprecedented sense of fulfillment from his crime-solving endeavours with Det. Chloe Decker (Lauren German). However, in Lucifer’s act of killing the scheming Lt. Marcus Pierce, a.k.a. the biblical Cain (Tom Welling), his monstrous self-perception causes his missing Devil Face to resurface, at which point his beloved Chloe – heretofore incredulous about Lucifer’s Devil claims – finally witnesses the truth. – The end!

Of course, that was hardly the intended crescendo for the series, and Lucifer season 4 was set to showcase a different dynamic at Fox. As Henderson and Modrovich explained in a post-mortem interview with Deadline about the direction of season 4:

“As you saw in the finale, Chloe saw Lucifer’s devil face. Finally, proof that Lucifer really is who he said he was. No turning back. Chloe knows the truth. So that was the big thrust of season 4 – exploring Chloe dealing with those ramifications, and how it affected her relationship with Lucifer. Both professionally and personally. Can you work with the Devil? Can you LOVE the devil?”

Interestingly, it appears that Lucifer was going to be all-in on the premise of Chloe finally knowing the truth, and even seemed intent on pursuing the perpetually-teased romance between the hedonistic archangel and the straight-laced police detective. Indeed, Henderson reiterates the intended commitment to this new direction in a post-mortem with TV Line, stating:

“There’s no going back. We wanted to back ourselves into this corner, so there was no way we couldn’t stick with what we did. This is the end of an act, and the beginning of the next one is Chloe knowing the truth and having to deal with both the fact that her partner was actually the Devil, but also the man she has grown to love. That’s what we wanted to explore in season 4.”

Of course, a wrench was destined to fall into the proverbial works, with the game-changing arrival of a new character. As Modrovich explains in the Deadline interview:

“We also had an exciting character from Lucifer’s past who was going to come in and mix everything up. A very personal, intimate figure who we won’t reveal the identity of yet… until we find out if we get the chance to tell the tale on a new network.”

As to how the story will be compressed into a shorter season, Modrovich had this to say:

“To put it simply, season 4 on Netflix will encompass what was to be the first half of the original season 4 arc. We were going to have two parts to it anyway, so we’ll just tell a really strong, gnarly first part.”

But this isn’t being planned as the final season of Lucifer. Modrovich added that “There is always the potential for more.”

Star Tom Ellis just stopped by ACE Comic Con to talk about season 4’s outlook and progress, and made sure that people like us would certainly end up covering it by chatting about his forthcoming bum.

Well, it all started off innocent enough, with the actor explaining why we won’t see the envelope being pushed too far in Lucifer‘s new streaming home…

“Netflix really wanted to have Lucifer because they really love the show that we already had,” Ellis said, via comicbook. “So we’ve been careful, we don’t want to change our show too much because that’s the show that people really liked. But there were certain restrictions that we had when we were on network television that meant that maybe we couldn’t do as much as we wanted. So things like my bum, which I was never allowed to show before, and lots of people want to see it, really: there may be some bum shots this season.…There will be multiple bum shots, certainly after a scene we shot the other day. I also want to stress — I think one of the reasons people like our show is because it doesn’t go all the way there. It’s about suggestion, its’ about getting away with it, it’s about being cheeky and not vulgar, and we’re still being careful that we aren’t going to go into vulgarity. Everything’s justified.”

Thanks to this behind the scenes video, we can see the upbeat cast on the first day of production on season 4…

Will we ever get enough of Tom Ellis doing things? (no)

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