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New observations help explain the dimming of Tabby’s Star

For years, astronomers have looked up at the sky and speculated about the strange dimming behavior of Tabby's Star. First ...
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Most massive neutron star ever detected, almost too massive to exist

Neutron stars -- the compressed remains of massive stars gone supernova -- are the densest "normal" objects in the known ...
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Apple Arcade Just Released Early for iOS 13 Beta Users

Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo) If you’re an iOS 13 beta user who’s been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Arcade, it ...
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The 20 Wildest, Coolest, and Most Unique Films We Can’t Wait to See at Fantastic Fest 2019

Time travel. Killer clowns. Lovecraft. Mackie. Fantastic Fest 2019 will be one for the books.Photo: All Images (Fantastic Fest) It’s ...
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Leaked Slide Shows Google to Add Stadia Support, Launch ‘Hero Device’ for Android TV in 2020

The Sony A8F, a $2,300 Android TV.Image: Sony Google is planning on rolling out a bevy of new features for ...
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The “X-Men” Prepare For “The Dawn Of X” To Kick Off All Their New Titles

Jonathan Hickman has revitalized and refocussed the “X-Men” franchise with both “House of X” and “Powers of X.” While the ...
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